Ryne "Savage" Foril Azoun V

The Lost Prince


Age: 44

Height: 6’ 2’’

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Deity: Tyr and Mystra


Ryne was born in the year 1307 in Suzail, the capitol city of Cormyr to Avoun IV and Fil-faeril Selzair. He is a large man with dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and is prince and heir to the throne of Cormyr. He has two sisters Tanalesta (1309-??) and Alusair Nacacia (1310-??) and three children; Crystal Ariat (1331-??), Sinjin (1331-??) and Nilan (1331-????). Ryne’s wife Aryne (1305-1349) was assinated during an attempted robery upon their castle home.

During his youth, Ryne was a boisterious and arragent child with nothing but disrespect for his elders. At the age of five he was kidnapped from his castle home by the a rogue guild entitled “The Fire Knives” and his family believed him dead. The kidnapper, who names was ____, renamed Ryne to “Savage” and sold him to a slavers caravan headed for the northern Sword Coast. Eventually Savage ended up in the large town of Neverwinter where he was a servant to the Church of Tyr. As time passed he became a devote follower of the god of justice and the church recognized his eagerness to learn at the age of fourteen and took him into their academy of protectors.Here he would be taught the ways of humility and honor. Savage excelled at his studies and became more and more devoted to the church with each passing day yet he lacked the conviction to become a full cleric. Instead he took up arms with the local warrior guild to train in combat and melee. Three full years he trained in warfare and martial combat and in doing so he was given the opportunity to gain the title of Paladin of Tyr but first he would have to complete Trials of Reckoning. For his final Trial Savage was taken in front of the Council of Tyr, the ruling body of high clerics of Tyr. Here they set him upon a quest that would forever change the face of Faerun.

The council had recently become aware of a long lost scroll that was discovered by a young half-elf mage from the Dalelands who contacted them for help. This scroll was the missing parchment to the Testament of Veeshan and contained a map of the last known locations of the Armor of Kilrth, a great and powerful artifact lost for countless ages. Legends told of the great power of the armor and it was widely accepted by many scholars to be an incredibly powerful holy relic devoted to a lost god. The owner of it could supposedly command forces far greater then ever imagined. It now rested in many pieces scattered and hidden throughout the Forgotten Realms. In their arrogance the Council of Tyr decided to obtain this artifact and use it for Justice in the name of Tyr.

The mage was a woman by the name of Aryne Chalandra and she was a dabler in the art of elemental summoning. Ryne was given the mission to aid her in the Quest for the Armor of Kilrath and return it to the church. Along the way he met the company of Sonit Stonebreaker the Dwarf and Demetrius Dumas the bard who joined them in the quest. After 4 years the final piece of the Armor was recovered but not without a fierce battle by a Guardian Dragon Spirit of the creator Kilrath himself in which Demetrius was slain.At the climax of this quest Savage discovered, through the words of the Kilrath Construct, that he was an heir to the throne of Cormyr and learned of his true name.

Upon reaching this discovery the party then decided that the power of the armor would never be wielded for anything but evil, no matter how good intentioned the bearer was, for it was created by a beast of pure evil and its will was bent upon the metal it is composed of. Thus, the armor was entrusted to Ryne and Aryne who would return to Suzail and take the armor to the good king of Cormyr to be protected for all time by the legendary Purple Dragons. This proved to be a great and grave mistake…

Upon returning to his homeland Ryne was accepted and praised. The land prospered and many believed it to be the work of the Armor in their land. Aryne and Ryne were married and soon she gave birth to their triplets. Eighteen years of peace passed over the land and all was good in the country of Cormyr. That is, until he came. Late one night an intruder entered the home of Castle Azoun. His intent was to steal the armor for his dark master, Sauron Est’Slitherin. He was met with fierce resistance because for the last eighteen years neither Ryne nor Aryne had let down their guards and kept a vigil watch over the armor. An incredible battle ensued. At the climax, thier daughter Crystal entered the room after hearing the commotion and was swept up by the attacker. Chanelling all of her power Aryne summoned a Djinn to protect her daughter. The intruder was indeed slain but the Djinn continued to rampage the Armor room, intent on attacking it’s summoner. Quickly Ryne chose to grab his daughter and protect her, hoping that Aryne could hold her own while he got Crystal to safety. In a flash of great fire the Djinn grabbed Aryne and blinded both Ryne and Crystal. Both Aryne and the Djinn were gone.

Believing that his beloved wife was still alive and refusing to accept that she had fallen, Ryne took up the name Savage once again and set out to find her. He could not turn his back upon the Armor though and he realized that it was folly to attempt to protect the armor and keep it in one piece. The country of Corymr and his father would never let the armor leave the country though and neither would the church of Helm who had taken up as sworn protectors of the armor. So Savage decided to steal away the armor and leave on his quest to find his lost wife. Since the armor was a great burden to carry along such a search he determined the best course of action was to break up the armor and hide it, just as the ancients did so long ago to keep it from harm. Traveling to far reaches of Toril, Savage used the combined power of the armor to summon forth Astral Protectors, or Armor Guards, that would be ever vigalent in thier watch over their respective piece of the armor.

After the armor was scattered, Savage continued his search for Aryne. He traveled two years leading small clues and hopes that Sages had given him along the way. All the time he ingnored the rumors of a dark threat arising to his homeland of Cormyr. A great depression had overcome him and he was beginning to lose his faith in Tyr. Weakened and greif-strickened the “Fallen Paladin”, as he was later called, roamed Fearun until he came upon an old castle of the family Spullseer. In an odd turn of events he traveled with a half-orc by the name of Crown and was captured by the Purple Dragons. Believing all was lost Savage allowed his capture and was returned to Cormyr were the citizens were out for his blood since many believed “theft” of the armor was the cause of the war and the famine in the land.

Currently Savage sits in the corner of his cell, awaiting the decision of the court of his trial. As he waits a guard enters his cell, “Lord Azoun? I am here to give you grave news… perhaps the gravest news this country has ever heard. Your father, Azoun IV, has fallen and is no more…”

Ryne "Savage" Foril Azoun V

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